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Join the Collective is a community of AYA recurring donors with the intention of building up one another as we each find our own ways to create a society where all have belonging – specifically in which youth can have access to authentic relationships, helpful resources, and sustainable housing.

Why Become a Monthly Donor and Join the Collective?


What it Means for AYA!

In the world of nonprofit – there are times of high donations and low donations. At the end of the year, people tend to be more generous during the holidays. However, during the Spring and Summer months, people are busy with ending school and vacation that sometimes they forget about supporting their local nonprofits. This type of sporadic and inconsistent giving can be a challange as we asses what funds are available.

By building up our monthly donor base – we have a consistant donation income flow which allows for better foreshadowing as we fund various programs and budgets! Hooray!

What it Means for You!

We recently surveyed a number of our donors, and you all self identified with attributes such as caring, enthusiastic, and investigative. And we couldn’t agree more!

So we wanted to honor this by building an intentional community of donors because as the old proverb goes – “As iron sharpens iron – so does one person sharpen another.”

We believe that by meeting together during special events and sharing through special newsletters – we can continue to inrpire and motivate one another.

Also – its so easy! You don’t have to think about it as the donations are automatically gifted on your behalf at the frequency and amount of your choosing. And its easy to amend, pause, and cancel!

500 Monthly Donors in 5 Years!

We broke it down to some bite sized goals. Help us achieve our incredible goal by becoming a monthly donor today!

  • 138 by the end of 2023
  • 190 by the end of 2024
  • 263 by the end of 2025
  • 363 by the end of 2026
  • 500 by the end of 2027


Click the button below to become a monthly donor to JOIN THE COLLECTIVE. From here – be sure to click “recurring” in the donation form. It will prompt you to create an account – this is important as you will need to loging into your “donor profile” to amend, pause, or cancel your gift!

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