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Are you part of a community that cares deeply about the marginalized? AYA would love to speak to you about the work we’re doing in Grand Rapids. Maybe it’s a Lunch and Learn where we speak for 45 minutes. Maybe it’s to your church community for 10-15 minutes. Maybe it’s to your book club or something else. Regardless, the best way for AYA to spread our mission and vision is through these types of events. It would be an honor to share our story with your community.

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Covid-19 Update


0 – 5% of drop-in staff have COVID or are in isolation AND/OR Kent County data indicates a lower risk level AND/OR potential COVID transmission or exposure among AYA staff and/or youth is low.


Some capacity limits; Expanded community partners, up to 2 people/agency; standard donation drops; all tours allowed; in-person meetings allowed following COVID guidelines.

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