September 16, 2022

Grant Pavillion at Millenium Park

A free outdoor concert for everyone!

AYA’s Concert In The Park

There’s not much better than a free outdoor concert surrounded by your favorite people. That’s why AYA is throwing a party on September 16th! Admission is free and we invite you to pack a picnic, bring your favorite drinks, and gather a group of friends to celebrate all that youth have accomplished this past year.


Grant Pavilion at Millennium Park


6:00pm – 8:00pm




The Drowsy Lads from Columbus, Ohio
“Winner of Best Irish American Band in 2018”

Everyone is welcome and dancing will be had by all.

Meet The Drowsy Lads

The Drowsy Lads thundered onto the Irish music scene over 15 years ago and have become fan favorites at every turn. Sticking to traditional roots, the Lads bring a fire and excitement that is quickly winning over audiences. 2018 brought the release of their 4th album, Everyone In, and the distinction of “Best Irish American Band of 2018”. With an undeniable genuineness that flows from their live performances, the future continues to look bright for these Lads.

Each Lad is a multi-instrumentalist, and the combined lineup includes fiddle, button accordion, tenor banjo, flute, whistle, guitar, bouzouki, Uilleann pipes, 5-string banjo, concertina, and bodhran.

The Lads are fond of creating their own spirited arrangements and offering occasional original compositions, even mixing in some bits of Bluegrass or Classical. But these never get in the way of their obsession with the pure old Irish tunes, songs, wit, and friendship that has defined Irish music for centuries.

Ways To Get Involved

AYA Youth Collective exists to support youth experiencing homelessness. We provide access to basic needs, laundry, employment services, counseling, medical care, housing, and more! All donations made at the Concert in the Park go back to supporting young people who need essential resources to achieve long-term stability. Below are a few ways you can get involved and support our cause.

Attend the Concert

Sponsor the Concert Event

Donate to AYA

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Covid-19 Update


0 – 5% of drop-in staff have COVID or are in isolation AND/OR Kent County data indicates a lower risk level AND/OR potential COVID transmission or exposure among AYA staff and/or youth is low.


Some capacity limits; Expanded community partners, up to 2 people/agency; standard donation drops; all tours allowed; in-person meetings allowed following COVID guidelines.

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